Nice to meet you!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first blog post!

Many of you have been sticking with me for a while now, and before today, my instagram account had remained as anonymous. However, you guys are awesome! and I'd love for us to meet and become friends. That's why, I have decided to start a blog, so I can share my experiences in detail with all of you!

In this first post, I will be introducing my self... So, here it goes!

My name is Ana Cristina. I usually go by Ana Cris or just Cristy, but most of my acquaintances call me Ana because it is simpler. Random fact: At Starbucks, I alway say I'm Ana, because if I say otherwise, people misunderstand my name!

I am a 25-year-old chemical engineer, who graduated from Monterrey Tec and right now I work as a quality engineer.

During my life, I have had the chance to travel a lot a live in different places: In Mexico, I have lived in three different cities: Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tepic. Also, I have lived in San Antonio, Texas and in Troyes, France.

Every experience in a new city has been very unique in its own way. I was different ages when I moved to each city, so my perspective of culture and people has changed a lot over the years. In upcoming posts, I'll tell you more about each time I had to move away: The good, the bad, the worst and the amazing!

It is important to mention that, thanks to the fact that I have lived in different cities, I learned spanish, english, french, and nowadays I am learning russian!

So, Why @traveling_tips_and_hacks? Why my travel experience store?

Back in 2017, I was unemployed and depressed because life was very difficult for me at that time and I realized that the only thing that put a smile back in my face, was traveling, remembering my travels and planing new travels! Therefore, to get me back in track and to force me to smile everyday, I decided to open an instagram account dedicated to share my travel experiences, tips and hacks with anyone who would be interested. 

Little did I know, that you, amazing people, would be so interested in my page! The account started to grow and I was making a lot of new friends. For a while, it stayed that way: A simple insta account for travelers to enjoy. But a year ago, I decided I wanted to go to the next level and create something amazing for my followers, not just content in instagram. 

After so much thinking, I came up with My Travel Experience Store, a place dedicated for travelers and wanderlusters just like us, where we can find all sorts of travel-related items and travel accessories to make our trips funnier and unforgettable

It's been hard to begin this project, because there's a lot of money and time involved. Nevertheless, I am very happy to provide you the coolest accessories out there and that fills my soul with joy!

I hope you all enjoy this post as well as the upcoming ones, the store and of course @traveling_tips_and_hacks , the heart of this community!

If you came this far, please let me grant you a special 20% OFF discount that you can use in your next purchase: FRIENDS20

Happy Travels!



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