Tips to survive Long Distance Relationships

Tips to survive Long Distance Relationships

You probably miss them like crazy... 

I think almost all of us have had a long distance relationship at least once in our lives, specially TRAVELERS! ✈ Perhaps it was a lover who was away, your best friend or a family member, but whoever it was, one thing is certain: When you are apart, days go slow and you miss them like crazy! 💔

That's why today I decided to share with you a few tips on how to make long distance relationships more bearable (Read until the end for a magical surprise!)✨.

  1. Be clear about your personal boundaries:

This is, what is acceptable and what is not. While you and your partner are away, jealousy and lack of trust pay an important role, so you should talk about it and make it clear to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. You should never spend more than 3 months apart:

Meeting with your beloved too often may be expensive, but if you have the means, of course you should see each other as often as possible! However, if your situation doesn’t allow it, make sure you see each other at least once every 3 months, so you don’t forget why you fell in love with that person.

  1. Be romantically old-fashioned:

Nowadays, it is very easy to talk with someone either by email, phone, chat, video call, etc and old-fashioned ways like sending love letters have been completely forgotten.

Once in a while, try sending a love letter or a surprise present to your beloved, perhaps with some spritz of your perfume.

  1. Define relationship goals:

Are you planning to get married? Move in with your partner? Stay separated? For how long? To be honest and talk openly about this is crucial to have a future together. If your partner plans to have a long distance relationship at least in the next few years but you want to move in soon, that will bring you trouble.

  1. Do more of what you love:

It is true that when our lover is away, we tend to feel sad; But it’s also true that when we are together, sometimes we forget to do things that we love and our partner doesn’t enjoy that much.

When you are apart, it is the best chance to reconnect with yourself and do what you love, so time passes by peacefully.

  1. Stop arguing, start talking:

Although all couples fight, the way you figure out your differences is key in a long distance relationship. Next time your partner does something that dislikes you, try calmly talking about it instead of fighting. See your differences as your opportunity areas to improve your relationship and not as reasons to fight.

  1. Don’t make your relationship a part of your agenda:

There’s nothing more forced in a relationship than setting specific times to talk during the day. This removes all the excitement of receiving a call and talking.
Are you thinking of your partner? Do you miss them? Give them a call to let them know they are in your thoughts!

  1. Focus on quality time:

In a long distance relationship it doesn’t matter how much time you talk, but how engaging are your calls. Try to keep your calls interesting and passionate even if they are not that often; Talk about your dreams, passions and future plans as a couple.

  1. Do not program your mind to fail:

Over the years, long distance relationships have gotten a bad reputation and most people relate them to breaking up, fighting or cheating. You have to understand that each relationship, and most important, each person is different, so the fact that your cousin’s relationship failed doesn’t mean that yours will too.

  1. Help yourself with a little magic

Well, not literally, but having a little superstition will definitely add a fun and romantic twist to your relationship. Try using wish bracelets/ necklaces, wishing upon a star, matching clothes, etc.

At My Travel Experience Store, we have the most wonderful wish bracelets on the market: Put your bracelet on, then make a wish such as being with your partner soon… legend has it that when it falls, your wish comes true!




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