Affiliate & Ambassadors Program

Affiliate & Ambassadors Program⭐

🔹Have you ever dreamed of becoming a renowned blogger or influencer? 
🔹Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your following and engagement?
Would you like to become an instagram model? 
🔹Are you looking for a way to make a side income?
Would you like to make money from home, using only social media?
If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you have come to the right place! Become part of our Affiliate & Ambassadors program and get access to exclusive benefits.
As an Affiliate or Ambassador, you will benefit from:

  • A personalized 10% off discount that you can share with your followers in any social platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. And for every purchase made with your code, you will get a 3 USD commission!
  • If you share this program with a friend and they join, you will get an extra 3 USD when they make their first sale! So the more friends you welcome to join, your chances of growing your income increase!
  • A 35% Off discount code FOR LIFE that you can use at the store (the purchases using this code do not give you commissions). This is just to thank you for joining the family and to help you get items in case you would like to be your own model.
  • Unlimited shout-outs: We would love to share your pics modeling our products, so for every item you purchase, you will get an Instagram shot-out in a +5.6K followers account!
  • Get access to exclusive offers: We will e-mail you our offers, sales and discounts so you can take advantage of them before anyone else!
 These programs are completely free! 


  • How do I sign up?
    You may send us a message using the box below, including your name and email. You may also send us this information at, telling us you wish to join the family!
  • Is there an entry fee?
    No. As mentioned above, both programs are completely free.
  • Do I have to buy from the store to remain in the program?
    No. You only buy what you want, whenever you want!
  • Is there a minimum sales amount I need to reach per month?
    No. This program will never ask you to make a minimum of sales.
  • What is the difference between an ambassador and an affiliate?
    An affiliate is someone who shares our products in their social media and gets a commission for their sales.
    An ambassador is someone that besides sharing products, decides on their own to buy products from the store and post pictures modeling it.
  • Do I need to have a minimum amount of followers to participate in the programs?
    No. Uniqueness is the most important thing for us, not a huge folliwing.
  • What should I do to get a shout-out?
    Upload a picture/video using or wearing any of our products and tag us @traveling_tips_and_hacks. If you share your picture in other social media platforms, please email it to us. Your picture will be immediately scheluded for posting!
  • How many shout-outs can I get?
    You will get one instagram shout-out (post and stories) for every item you buy and model. We can share multiple pictures of you in one post.
  • How often will I be payed?
    Every 30th of every month you will receive a document showing your balance and the sells made with your discount code. After this, we will proceed to do the corresponding payment.
    *Please note: Since we use a 3rd party platform to process the payments, you may notice a delay in the deposit.
  • How will I be payed?
    We use PayPal to do the transactions. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may create one here:
  • What happens if I want to drop the program?
    At My Travel Experience Store, we are sure you will love to be part of the family. But, if you decide to leave, you just have to email us at telling us you leave the program and that's it! There are no penalty fees for leaving.
  • Besides commissions, what other benefits I get from participating in the program?
    By collaborating with us, other brands will see you are serious about becoming and influencer, blogger or model, so eventually you will get more offers to collaborate with brands! This is your perfect opportunity to take off your career.
Sing ups are open! Fill in the box below and start your influencer track!
*Note:The Ambassadors & Affiliate program are by no means a work contract.